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3 Lessons From 9 Months of COVID Deal Data

By January 19, 2021December 23rd, 2021No Comments

Approaching a year into the COVID era, as so many norms have been disrupted, M&A has plummeted—by as much as 85 percent according to some accounts. July ‘20 saw some meaningful changes, thanks to government intervention and a deeper understanding of how hygiene and distancing strategies could mitigate the risks of in-person contact. We’re finally getting to observe the new trends shaping the world of post-COVID M&A. These trends may continue to color things even long after the pandemic dissolves. 

  1. New deals hit annual lows in May, but then began to accelerate in June, July, and August. This may continue, or we may see another slow-down if there is another surge. 
  2. LOIs began to show new signs of life after hitting new lows in June. Alongside this increase in new deals at the top of the funnel, we also began seeing a consistent increase in those executed at the bottom of the deal funnel toward the end of the summer. 
  3. Investors remain relatively uninterested in new days. The monthly number of signed NDAs is a good measure of investor interest in new deals. It began to resurge in June and July, following a huge decline in the first months of the pandemic. Executed NDAs began again trending downward in August. This suggests investors remain reluctant to engage in new deal-making. 

There is no crystal ball for the future, and no past precedent we can rely on when making predictions about what comes next. This is why a wise M&A advisor is such an important asset on your deal-making team. A few changes in your strategy could make your business more marketable, and even mean the difference between whether or not it sells at all. Unprecedented times demand quality support. 

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