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the Transaction

The path to a successful business transition begins with the right advisory partner. That’s why we’ve built our firm to be different. For us, providing accurate valuations, maximizing transaction multiples, and solidifying legacies is the just the beginning. As a true partner, we’re also committed to providing best-in-class service, expert knowledge, and comprehensive strategies that provide meaningful value in all we do for our clients and their advisors.

Focused Expertise

We focus exclusively on business valuations, mergers & acquisitions, ESOPs, and strategic transition services.

Objective Guidance

We are 100% independent and ensure our guidance is objective, accurate, trustworthy, and well-supported for negotiations.

Comprehensive Solutions

We educate clients on all viable transition options and develop solutions that are right for their unique objectives.

Cost-Effective Support

We offer attractive fee structures that deliver value and ensure quality, without sacrificing efficiency.

Certainty of Close

We provide multiple exit paths that ensure high certainty of close, provide substantial personal liquidity, and preserve your ownership legacy.

Superior Service

We provide senior-level support to all clients, regardless of size or budget.

Proven Experience

We have successfully served thousands of clients over our 20+ year history and are vetted members of all key industry associations.

Accessible Resources

We provide clients with direct access to the valuation, ESOP, and M&A experts working on their behalf to ensure seamless communication and timely project deliverables.

How We Help Business Owners

Knowledge is Power

Quickly & efficiently receive accurate and defensible valuation insights so you can move forward confidently.

Control Your Destiny

Exit on your own terms and timeline, or continue to grow your business while securing your legacy and rewarding your employees for their contributions.

Eliminate Personal Liability

Quickly diversify your net worth by reducing your financial exposure tied to your business assets.

Capitalize on Your Success

Receive meaningful personal liquidity upon closing.

Secure Your Legacy

Ensure your brand and company live on after you leave the company.

Reduce Your Tax Liability

Take advantage of tax laws that allow you to maximize your after-tax proceeds.

Ensure Succession Plans

Set your business up for ongoing success beyond the current ownership structure.

Retain Key Employees

Reward key employees and stakeholders for their contributions to the business.

Our Promise
to Partners

Vision Point Capital is a strategic partner for CPA’s, attorneys, and financial advisors interested in helping their clients with their complex business valuation and transaction needs.

We act independently and objectively

We earn trust through accurate and timely completion of our deliverables

We don’t compete with the services you provide

We adapt to your workflow and client management model

We build relationships and connect you with our network of industry professionals

We provide joint marketing opportunities to help grow your business