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Fairness Opinions

Providing an Objective Analysis for a Fair Financial Transaction

In recent years, fairness opinions are being used more and more frequently to give a board of directors, special committees, and other involved parties with an independent, objective analysis of a transaction on the table. A fairness opinion is beneficial because it looks at the proposed transaction from the point of view of one or more parties involved to help ensure that the deal is fair to all parties.

While fairness opinions begin with an informal valuation, they provide more depth. They also consider the transaction’s terms, financial structuring with earnouts or contingency payments, employment agreements, and other financial or tax consequences.

When a transaction is in the works, having a fairness opinion is often a fiduciary requirement that may exist between the board of directors, stockholders, and investors. It can also help prevent disagreements among the involved parties.

We Provide


Pursuing business growth through M&A, ESOPs, buyout, or by another means, requires a fairness opinion from an independent valuation firm. Having an unbiased report can help you support your decisions, avoid risk, and improve transparency.

When you work with the Vision Point Capital experts, you take advantage of our valuation and transaction experience to provide you with unbiased fairness opinions that you can count on to assure stakeholders that the decisions being presented are reasonable for everyone involved. Furthermore, we understand how quickly you want to close your deal, and we will provide accurate and reliable conclusions promptly.

Our independent analyses and advice have stood up to the scrutiny of boards, shareholders, regulatory bodies, and other parties involved in the transaction.

Transactions That Can Trigger Fairness Opinions

With years of experience in the M&A and ESOP environments and helping support business owners in multiple industries, we are prepared for the variety of factors that can trigger the necessity for a fairness opinion.

These include:


Merger or sale of the company




Stock repurchase programs


Spinoffs, spinouts, or split-ups


Certain ESOP-related transactions


Other significant corporate events

And More!