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Litigation and valuation disputes can arise for many reasons. Even the best thought out plans can sometimes take a wrong turn. Unfortunately, in today’s business world litigation is becoming more commonplace and is sometimes unavoidable.

Dealing with a litigious matter or a dispute that may lead to litigation, can be stressful, even for the most seasoned business owner. You can expect requests from the opposing side that can be time-consuming to prepare and take hours to resolve. Rather than trying to do it all yourself, turn to the Vision Point Capital advisors for guidance, assurance, and peace of mind.

An Experienced Team with a Track Record of Winning

If you are faced with litigation – no matter the underlying reason for the disagreement – it’s important to have independent, experienced professionals by your side. The Vision Point Capital experts understand the complexity of personal and business disputes and the importance of position support. Valuation is the foundation of our business, and it is key to winning and resolving litigation matters related to the value of business interests.

We help our clients by properly analyzing information, applying standards and valuation methodologies, and clearly communicating our findings. Then, we remain by your side, supporting you and your attorneys. When necessary, we have successfully defended our valuation analyses against challenges. We’ve served as expert witnesses in court, mediation and arbitration, and other regulatory bodies.

Committed to Your Success

When you work with the Vision Point Capital experts, you can rely on our confidentiality and professionalism. Our advisors are skilled at assessing evidence to present a valuation based on a solid foundation of accounting principles and industry knowledge.

Our valuation opinions and analyses are independently developed to help resolve a broad range of litigation and dispute matters including:


Shareholder disputes


Buy-sell agreement disputes


Marital dissolution/divorce


Economic damages/lost profits


Breach of contract


Corporate dissolution


Tax-related controversies