Valuation Advisory Experts Simplify Complexity

A valuation, when performed properly, can be a crucial management tool that provides clarity. Our valuation advisory experts produce robust analysis that will give you insight about the value of your company so you can make important, strategic decisions.

In today’s information economy, knowledge is power. Having accurate knowledge about the value of your business is critical to any entrepreneur for assessing growth opportunities, incentivizing key management, resolving disputes or negotiations, and evaluating strategic acquisitions or potential buyout offers.

We are accustomed to working with business owners in complex and high-stakes situations. When you work with the Vision Point Capital experts, you leverage our many years’ experience in valuing companies across a wide spectrum of industries and receive an objective, defendable analysis.

Valuation Services for a Wide Range of Needs

Our valuation services are used frequently in the following settings:

  • Estate, gift, and income tax
  • ESOPs
  • M&A and exit planning
  • Financial reporting
  • Intangible assets
  • Litigation support for partner disputes and marital dissolution
  • Buy/sell agreements

We also provide valuation services for CPA firms.

Valuation Process

When you work with the Vision Point Capital professionals, we will give you a valuation opinion that you can trust and one that is well-supported for high-level negotiations. Our valuation process includes examining:

  • The lifecycle stage the company
  • Growth history and future business prospects
  • Associated risks
  • Financial profitability
  • Trend Analysis
  • Industry Benchmarks
  • Capital costs
  • Assets – both tangible and intangible
  • Competition

Rely on the advisory team at Vision Point Capital who have the skills and know-how to accurately value your Company.