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Valuation Advisory

Independent. Objective. Precise.

A valuation, when performed properly, can be a crucial management tool that provides clarity. Our valuation advisory experts produce robust analysis that provide detailed insight about the value of your company so you can make important, strategic decisions.

In today’s information economy, knowledge is power. Having accurate knowledge about the value of your business is critical to any entrepreneur for assessing growth opportunities, incentivizing key management, resolving disputes or negotiations, and evaluating strategic acquisitions or potential buyout offers.

We are accustomed to working with business owners in complex and high-stakes situations. When you work with the Vision Point Capital experts, you leverage our many years’ experience in valuing companies across a wide spectrum of industries and receive an objective, defendable analysis.

The VPC Difference

In-Depth Intelligence

  • More than just calculations of value, we provide detailed narratives that show your growth trajectory and highlight the true value of your business assets.

Human-Powered Analysis

  • We craft our valuations by hand using only relevant information and exclude elements that look relevant but actually make the analysis less accurate – something valuation software is unable to do.

Peace of Mind

  • Every valuation we deliver is calculated by a certified valuation expert and goes through a multi-step review process to ensure accuracy and defensibility.

The VPC Valuation Process

Not all valuations are created equally. When you work with Vision Point Capital, you gain access to our proprietary valuation methodology that’s proven to be accurate, trustworthy, and well-supported for negotiations.

Our valuation process includes examining:


The lifecycle stage of the company


Growth history and future business prospects


Associated risks


Financial profitability


Trend analysis


Industry benchmarks


Capital costs


Assets – both tangible and intangible



Business Valuation


What is a business valuation?

A business valuation is a story, more specifically, it is “your story”. It is an assimilation of all the facts, financial and otherwise, of the lifecycle (history, present, and expected future) of your Company. Your business valuation should provide narrative on the recent operations, financial analysis, and growth trajectory of the business. Only by truly understanding the building such as customers, economic and industry risks, employees, and processes, the value of the business be determined.

Why do you need a business valuation?

A business valuation is much more than a number, it is critical business intelligence that provides substantial insight into the key factors that drive the value of the business forward. While valuation software exists that provide simple calculations of value based on basic financial inputs, business owners are best served by the more robust business intelligence a professional valuation report can provide.

When do you need a business valuation?

Business owners should have a valuation completed every two to three and should also pursue an updated valuation when considering a potential exit, planning, or partner buy-in/buyout. Doing so ensures no money is left on the table when considering transactions multiples.

How long does a business valuation take?

Generally, a business valuation be complete within 30 days from receipt of all inputs and information. The better your financial house is in-order on the front end, the faster the process be completed.

How do I get started with my business valuation?

Getting started with your business valuation is easy. Simply contact us for a free consultation to discuss the appropriate valuation deliverable and the specific documents you’ll need to get started. These typically include your last five years of tax returns plus training twelve months of business financial statements, a sales-by-customer report, documentation of your ownership structure, one time expenses for each year and pro forma statements, if available.

What industries does Vision Point Capital provide business valuations for?

Vision Point Capital provides valuations across all industries and company sizes, from smaller founder-led business to billion dollar enterprises.