Financial Reporting

Valuations for Financial Reporting

Over the last decade, there has been an explosion of fair value measurement requirements that have made financial reporting considerably more complicated. Furthermore, the reporting applications and standards continue to evolve as valuations are scrutinized by regulatory bodies, banks, auditors, and other company stakeholders.

Having an independent third-party expert provide you with an objective, fair valuation that is supportable can help you acquire audited financial statements that stand up under the growing scrutiny.

Quality Analysis

You Can Rely On

At Vision Point Capital, our team has specialized skills for determining the fair value of all your assets. Additionally, we bring a mixture of finance and accounting expertise to help you successfully manage your financial reporting valuations.

No matter if you are a public or private company, we work with your financial accounting team and your auditors, providing you with financial reporting valuation analyses that is defensible and helps you clearly communicate your company’s performance.

In addition to providing valuations for CFOs and corporate controller groups, we also work with other CPAs who rely on our expertise to provide credible valuations that withstand the scrutiny from the most stringent auditor. Our services help companies reduce the resources and time needed for the auditor to complete their review.

Our valuation reports have been accepted by the SEC and other regulatory agencies as well as by national and regional accounting firms.

Our Valuation Services Help You Resolve Financial Reporting Challenges

The Vision Point Capital professionals are recognized as leaders in the valuation industry and hold the most rigorous credentialing designations that represent the highest standards in the accounting and valuation professions.

Our financial reporting services include:


Purchase price allocations (ASC 805)


Goodwill impairment


Intellectual property and other intangible assets


Business combinations


Equity-based compensation valuation – stock options, SARs, restricted units, and more (ASC 718)


Contingent asset or liability valuations


Indefinite-lived Asset Impairment Testing (ASC 350)


Long-lived Asset Impairment Testing (ASC 360)