M&A Buy Side Advisory

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Are you looking to grow your company through the acquisition of another? Frequently, business owners think about buying another company when they are in the mature phase of the business lifecycle when the only way to grow, add value, and increase market share is by acquiring another business. Perhaps you’re thinking about buying an existing business – rather than starting from scratch – to build a company, using it as a vehicle for your financial and personal goals.

No matter your reason for wanting to acquire a business, the experts at Vision Point Capital are here to help and advise you.

Experience. Integrity. Results.

When you work with Vision Point Capital, we will help you narrow your search for the kind of business that meets your criteria. Also, we will help make sure that your investment is the right fit by reviewing the company’s financial information and advising you about any irregularities or perceived red flags. We want to be sure that whatever investment option you choose, you get a fair deal. Then, after you make a purchase, we keep in touch after the sale is completed.

We’ve represented a range of buyers from individuals and private equity firms to large and small companies as well as other strategic buyers who want to make business acquisitions in the marketplace. Working with companies across the country in a broad range of industries, we will work for you in whatever capacity you require. Our mission is to help you realize your goals and objectives while identifying all strategic opportunities that are in your best interest. We also work hard to uncover prospects that might go undetected by others.

Our Most Important Partners Are Our Clients

No matter your business and personal goals, we have the experience and expertise to help you make a valuable business investment while avoiding risks and taking advantage of opportunities. Typically, when we help execute buy-side M&A engagements we perform the following:

  • Establish an investment thesis based on relevant operating metrics, strategic synergies, or financial results
  • Identify potential acquisition and/or investment candidates who meet investment criteria
  • Make initial contact
  • Assist with offers and/or deal structures
  • Lead negotiations
  • Provide due diligence support/quality of earnings
  • Close the transaction

Contact us and let us be part of your success story. We have the expertise to help you find a new business to build or add to your existing business.